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Meet the Visionary
Dr. Laide R. Alexander

An award-winning Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Laide R. Alexander is the Founder and CEO of AccexxInsight, LLC, the parent company of Accex Academy and Alexander Education Systems. She is recognized in the education industry for 25+ years of business growth success, executive leadership, and superior outcomes and compliance. Delivering a consistent record of extraordinary results in stakeholder relations, financial management, and talent development, she employs her balanced leadership approach to transform key operational aspects and optimize business outcomes with high-quality standards.

Dr. Alexander has held several executive positions in the education industry, including campus leadership roles, regional and national roles, college president roles, and several other operations roles. Her most recent position was Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success for an engineering and technical college. Laide is passionate about equity in education and changing the way we see education. She believes in creating methodologies that will ensure the applicability of learned content rather than just reading to pass a grade.


Dr. Alexander continuously engages in professional development and relationship-building, she served on advisory boards of many local and international organizations; and has volunteered her time as a Founder/Board Member of TouchOneProject. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Administration, an MBA in Human Resources Management, and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Management.

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