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Transformational Services

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AES transformation approach enables institutions to operate more flexibly and resiliently in the long term can help institutions emerge on a stronger footing from today’s challenges.

While a reasonable degree of cost management is necessary to address fiscal challenges and make a 

change, it’s perhaps more important for institutions to focus on improving student outcomes and identifying new ways to diversify and grow revenues. As core decision-makers—including presidents, chancellors, provosts, and CFOs or COOs—embark on a transformation, they can reflect on their alignment with five factors to measure how prepared they are and determine where they need to focus their efforts.

How we help clients

Learning Systems

Systems thinking

Economic and social factors (public/private institutions at the federal, state, or community levels)
Coordination of individuals (among teachers, administrators, and students), infrastructure (including safe facilities and transportation), and functioning institutions and processes.

Systems Organization
Systems Network
Systems Dynamics
Systems Knowledge

Systems thinking

Boards / Governance
Institutional Leaders
Aspiring Institutional Leaders Learning Leaders
Functional Leaders
Direct/Formal and Indirect / Informal Leaders

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